Activity 1: Dorida training

The five days long training organized in Dorida will highlight the value of environmental conservation and ecotourism to bolster the local economy and ecosystem and secure a viable, sustainable future for the region. The aim is to equip the participants with the tools & skills to act on sustainable development, civic engagement, and EU priorities. Young people will gain hard and soft skills, including teamwork, public speaking, project management & active citizenship, through targeted workshops with breakout sessions and group work to enable collaboration.

Activity 2: “Using digital tools for civic engagement”

A two-day training seminar where participants will be empowered with digital skills required for civic engagement. They will also learn how to pursue advocacy work through digital means and hone their media literacy skills.

Activity 3: Chania Training

The five days long training in Chania bears the same structure and contents as the one in Dorida. It goes beyond this by serving as a viable opportunity to improve the training curriculum & test it in a different context. Besides, it will highlight the power of education in equipping younger generations with the skills they need to be solution-oriented. It will also foster a sense of active citizenship, encouraging them to connect with local decision-makers.

Activity 4: “State of the Union”

In a one-day physical event in Athens, youth, and policymakers will participate in speeches, panels, and group-based work. This way, they will provide and discuss critical information and insight on the current state of active citizenship in Greece and its relation to sustainability and digitization. The goal is for all stakeholders to convene and identify potential avenues of alignment and collaboration.

Activity 5: Digital Greece in the EU Context: What does active citizenship look like in the region?

The 1-day event will allow youth and policymakers to interact and exchange opinions on digital Greece in the EU Context. It will address questions and provide insights and essential knowledge regarding active citizenship in the region. Decision-makers will convene in different formulations and capacities to assess the needs and opportunities for youth civic engagement in Greece, particularly in national and EU priorities.

Activity 6: “Transform your idea into a project with EU.”

The 2-day event will accelerate participants’ research and project strategy skills. It will present how they can transform their ideas into projects with EU funding and encourage them to act on sustainable development & promote civic engagement. Trainers will explain the Erasmus+ opportunities and guide participants through the application and proposal writing process. Tips and guidelines will be given based on the previous experience of the trainers.

Activity 7: “Ecothon”

A hackathon will rapidly encourage participants to devise solutions to the priority project’s areas. Participants will work in teams to find solutions to specific challenges, strengthening their problem-solving skills. They will seek feasible ideas and develop an action plan, a poster for their solution, a logo, and a presentation – all of which will be presented for evaluation.


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